Alexandrite is a mineral – or more simple a stone – which, when placed on a laser hair removal machine, radiates energy. This Energy reaches only the first layers of the skin – specifically until the pocket of the hair and is absorbed from the melanin. This way, the hair pocket is destroyed and stops producing hair.

Firstly, because Alexandrite hair removal needs fewer applications compared to the Diode Laser.  Also because after the therapy with Alexandrite, the skin is clean of hair while with the Diode laser there has to be hair on the skin before and after the treatment and the hair require at least 10 days to leave the skin. That means that with the Diode laser there are hair in the area for the bigger part of the month.

No. IPL and Photolysis are not a laser treatment. They are pulse lights that reach the hair pockets with limited results, thus needing much more repetitions for fighting hair growth in comparison to the treatment with Alexandrite Laser.

Wax depilation is a method mainly used in the previous decades while the modern methods are more effective for the permanent result against hair growth. This means that with the wax depilation you would need more than 10 years of repetitions to have an almost permanent result. Also, wax depilation in areas such as the face activates the fine hair of the face, turning them into hair. With Alexandrite Laser we have the ability to use parameters that “ignore” the fine hair and focus only on black hair, bringing us the desired result.

The number of treatments varies depending on the type of hair. Factors such as the density, the color of the hair but also hormonal factors are important in order to set the number of applications needed for each person. When comes to the body, 5-8 sessions are needed to achieve fewer hair by 80-90%, while in the face the treatment can last much longer as the area is more sensitive to hormonal factors.

Interim application is an additional application taking place within 15 days from the main session. Due to the fact that hair growth does not happen simultaneously, during the interim session we fight the few hair that have grown after the main treatment and we make sure that all the hair growth has been treated.

Although that each person’s sensitivity to pain differs, the modern Alexandrite Laser machines such as Clarity by Lutronic, come with incorporated cooling systems so that the skin is more resistant to pain. This way the treatment is almost painless

Yes you can! As long as you visit a laser center with  modern Alexandrite laser equipment that can apply the parameters for darker skins and perform the therapy with safety and efficiency. Clarity by Lutronic is such a machine that allows us to perform the depilation with safety on all skin types. 

You can, as long as the suntan is not intense. Areas like the arms, legs and face are better to be treated up to the first months of Spring while in cases that there is not intense suntan, you can have Alexandrite Laser treatments all year long.

Only if you have a dermal condition that doesn’t permit even a mild irritation of the skin. Also, laser hair removal is not suggested in cases when you have an acne treatment or in cases of photosensitivity.