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For Him

Laser Alexandrite Prices

If you are looking for Laser Alexandrite prices in Thessaloniki, you are in the right place!

In the past, hair removal was not considered a male habit! Today, this has changed and there are many spots where men apply depilation methods. This happens for both practical and aesthetic reasons. 

In any case, our Experts can inform you of the status of hair growth that you have in each area. Moreover, they will inform you of where we can have the best possible results of eliminating hair growth!

Some of the spots that problem most men are the beard, the area between the brows, the back & the chest.  Moreover, for those of you interested on services for the whole body or face, you will find below a lists of the spots that we can apply Alexandrite Laser treatments and of course the corresponding prices.

The prices below are indicative for people with normal hair growth. In case your body hair are more scarce or you are already in maintenance mode, prices will drop accordingly!

For all the above reasons, we offer you totally free advisory appointment! During the appointment, our Experts will evaluate your hair growth. This way they will be able to inform you of the possible duration of the treatment and its cost. Then, you will be able to decide if you want to proceed with the application. The above service is offered free of charge! In case you decide to proceed with the treatment, you can do so on the spot. 

Laser Alexandrite Prices for Men

  • Between Brows 10 €
  • Cheeks 15 €
  • Throat From 15 €
  • Neck From 15 €
  • Armpits 30 €
  • Full Chest From 70 €
  • Full Back From 70 €
  • Shoulders From 30 €
  • Full Arms From 50 €
  • Forearms From 40 €
  • Full Legs From 100 €
  • Buttocks From 40 €
  • Groin Area From 30 €
  • Coccygeal cyst 15 €
  • Full Body From 200 €