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Laser Hair Removal Questions & Answers

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laser hair removal questions
Stella is the owner of STEMA LASER Experts in Thessaloniki.

You have been asking, so here it is! A one on one with Stella will answer all your laser hair removal questions with honesty. So let’s get started…

Stella, how come do you own a laser studio in Thessaloniki. Are you a doctor?

No I am not a doctor. I opened my laser studio STEMA LASER EXPERTS in 2021 in Thessaloniki as a business center. Of course, I employ licensed beauticians who are certified and very experienced in laser hair removal.

If you are asking, why a laser studio and not something else, well I have always been fascinated by beauty and it has been one of my dreams to make people feel better in their own skin. And laser hair removal does that exactly. Also, I have been a rather dissatisfied customer in various laser studios in Thessaloniki, so I decided that I wanted to create a studio that will respect the customers and offer them a fantastic service

So owning a laser studio in Thessaloniki is a dream come true for me.

What do people expect when visiting a laser studio in Thessaloniki?

Well obviously, people who visit a laser studio in Thessaloniki are primarily looking to get rid of unwanted hair in their body and face. Everybody wants to stop shaving or waxing as they are painful and awkward tasks. Who doesn’t want a satin and velvet feel on their body? They are looking to get rid of the hair quickly, painlessly and, at a fair price. Also, quality of service and discretion are always a must for them. At STEMA LASER we try to cover all of these needs with honesty and professionalism.

Do people have a lot of laser hair removal questions?

Look at how many questions you already have 🙂 Yes they do, especially if it is their first time doing such a therapy or they want to change from other laser systems to Alexandrite Laser. We have created a special field in our website for the most popular questions you can check it out here. Also, we are offering our new customers a free consultation session where our experts evaluate the hair growth and can give specific answers to all questions the customer may have. After this complimentary session, there is no commitment to use our services.

What is your laser equipment?

The medical equipment of our hair removal center  is brand-new and state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring the best possible results for any skin type.  Laser Hair Removal is performed with Clarity I Laser Alexandrite by Lutronic, which is approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration).
Having the most modern technical parameters, Clarity I Laser Alexandrite can be used for the removal of her on almost all skin types and all the levels of hair growth in the most safe and efficient way.

The epilation occurs almost painlessly we use the Zimmer Cryo 6 Cryotherapy System along with Clarity I. Zimmer Cryo 6 is a type of machinery that cools the skin before, during and after the application of the laser without interfering with the laser beam. This way, we ensure the minimization of the pain during the therapy.

How “permanent” are the results?

The results are permanent. Alexandrite laser destroys the follicle, causing it to stop producing hair. I don’t want to tire you with technical details, but after a few sessions, you will no longer have unwanted hair. After the main treatments end, you may need to refresh maybe once per year for the few hair that will persist to grow.

How is the experience like?

The experience with our laser is a rather pleasant one. The cooling system we are using minimizes any pain you would normally feel. The pain level would be like gently hitting your skin with a rubber band. We try our best to use the best settings so as to effectively treat the areas causing the less pain possible.

Continuing with our laser hair removal questions, tell the truth now! It hurts right?

No, it really does not hurt at all. Of course, each individual is different and has a unique pain threshold but in 99% of the cases it is a pain free procedure.

How long does it take for a hairless skin?

This really depends on a lot of factors, the main one being the hormonal one. Also, the type of skin and hair play a very important role on the number of treatments you would need. For instance, people with fair skin and dark hair, always have quicker results. As an average, I would say that 80% of the hair will be gone in the first 3 sessions. For a total permanent result, it really depends. This is why we always want to evaluate each case before committing to a time frame because as said, each case is different.

And what about the cost? Will I have to sell a kidney or something?

No, you most definitely will not have to sell a kidney! Laser hair removal may sound expensive at first because it is more expensive than waxing but if you think of it in the long run, it saves you money. Did you know that the average person spends more than 10.000€ on waxing in their lifetime? Laser hair removal costs only a fraction of that money!

Can everyone have laser hair removal?

Unfortunately no… Although most people are ok to have laser hair removal, there are cases that cannot. For instance, people with light sensitivity or with hormonal problems, are not advised to have laser treatments.

Anything else you would like to share with us?

I think you have covered the main issues with your questions. What I want to add as a closing remark, is that people should not be afraid to try laser hair removal. It pays off. It saves you money & time and gives you a better quality of life. At STEMA LASER, we are always here to help you, advise you & treat you.

What if I have more laser hair removal questions?

You can check our FAQ section in our website or you can schedule a free consultation appointment by calling us at +302314037777 you can see our full contact details here.

You can also check our facebook page for news & updates

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