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Laser Alexandrite in Thessaloniki. 6 reasons why!

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laser alexandrite in thessaloniki

Choosing the right hair removal option in Thessaloniki can at times be a difficult task. This is due to the many options available in the market. Let’s say that you have already decided to go ahead with laser hair removal. See here a guide on why to choose laser over wax. Then, the options are still many. Read below for the 6 reasons to choose Laser Alexandrite in Thessaloniki over other available lasers.

1. Laser Alexandrite Saves Time

It is one of the quickest lasers due to the size of its beam. This means that we can cover larger areas of the body quicker than other lasers thus saving you time of the treatment.

2. Can Be Applied On Most Skin Types

Laser Alexandrite is ideal for people with light to olive skin tone. This means that it is the best option for Caucasian people as it is designed exactly for this skin type.

3. Can Be Applied On Fine Hair

Laser Alexandrite is designed in such way so as to target even the finest hair. This is where the other lasers are lacking. Of course the best results show when the hair are dark but still, with Alexandrite we can treat people with finer hair.

4. Effectiveness Of Laser Alexandrite In Thessaloniki

Recent research has shown that Alexandrite Laser is more effective in treating unwanted hair growth than Diode and Nd:YAG. Using the same amount of treatments, research has shown 65.6% hair reduction with Alexandrite. The respective numbers for Diode and Nd:YAG were 46.9% and 42.4% respectively. This information clearly illustrate the superiority of Laser Alexandrite over other laser options.

5. Laser Alexandrite Is Painless

It is one of the lasers that, combined with Cryo Zimmer, is almost painless. The Cryo system blasts cold air on the treated areas, minimizing any pain you would normally feel. For this reason, laser hair removal, becomes a pleasant experience.

6. Results

The results of Laser Alexandrite (when used properly) are impressive. This is because the 755nm laser invades the skin deep enough to find the hair pocket, deactivating it so that it stops producing hair. Alexandrite offers the quickest and most permanent results, compared to other laser systems.

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